Tips to expedite your approval

1. While your application is being reviewed automaker websites will not be able to validate because you do not technically have your Fit and Proper Person Credentials yet.
2. When you complete your application you will not be able to login until it is approved (24-48 hours) You can still use the website without logging in.
When you complete your application it requires review of the information provided. Here are some issues that can delay your approval:
 Not clicking the “Save and Submit” button when you are all done. (only necessary if you complete your application in more than one session) Remember to use Save when you need to come back later  and Submit buttons when you have completed any form in SDRM
  Driver’s Licence or Government Approved Identification cannot be read, is expired or is in black and white
  If you cut and paste your Australian Business Number from the Government website please verify that all the digits are correct
  Your ABN is expired.
If you need access to Key and Immobiliser codes please apply for that credential when you apply for your AASRA Technician credential (Fit and Proper Person) Provide a copy of a National Police check with at least 1 year remaining before expiration and a copy of your business insurance (not an invoice for insurance)

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