Did not Receive your Confirmation Email – Got returned to the Login Screen?

When you complete your application you will be taken back to the login screen. If you did not allow notifications on your browser for aasra.com.au you will not see the on screen messages that SDRM is giving you. (clear cookies for aasra.com.au and accept notifications, if you like)

When you complete the first screen of registration and are taken back to the login screen an email is sent to the account you registered. It arrives very quickly. There is an email confirmation link to click. This will continue your process. Read on if you cannot find that email.

We are receiving a large number of support requests for email confirmation links that are not received. This generally means that your email client is rejecting our emails or the email is going to Spam or Junk.

Do NOT start another account from a different email. Send a note to support@aasra.com.au. We can help.

Please add No-Reply@aasra.com.au and support@aasra.com.au to your approved emails. You can also whitelist (approve) the following 2 domains in your email rules aasra.com.au and sdrm.aasra.com.au.

When you complete your application it requires review of the information provided. Here are some issues that can delay your approval:

  • Not clicking the “Save and Submit” button when you are all done. (only necessary if you complete your application in more than one session)
  • Driver’s Licence or Government approved ID picture cannot be read or is in black and white
  • If you cut and paste your Australian Business Number from the Government website be sure all numbers are there.
  • Your ABN, national police check, insurance or driver’s licence is expired.

Key Codes will be supported shortly. We are working through a solution as quickly as possible for this. You may apply for a Vehicle Security Professional Credential now. All approved accounts will be grandfathered in with a start date that is consistent with the launch of the process. See the News FAQ for more details.

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