FYI: Automakers that Require EV Certificates for Service Information Access

AASRA is aware of several automakers that require an EV Certificate to access service information. This is a difficult situation from both stakeholder’s point of view. “The Scheme” required automakers to split high voltage information from general repair information where ever practicable. Many automakers have found that to be a very difficult task while still providing useful information.

Repairers have limited options to obtain High Voltage safety training currently. AASRA is working with TAFE’s and automakers to help with that issue. Government and Automakers are working out the details of the scheme. In the meantime please be aware of the lists of both AASRA participating and non-participating brands that require EV certificate. The non-participating brands are not using AASRA to validate credentials or certification and are undertaking their own Fit and Proper Person validation. Repairers should be prepared that this will likely mean applying with each non-participating brand in a way similar to the AASRA process.

AASRA Participating Brands Requiring EV Cert for Base Subscription
Mercedes Benz

Non-Participating Brands Requiring EV Cert for Base Subscription
Land Rover

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