HOW TO: Security Information Request

Click this link to download a PDF manual for using the Security Request Process.

TIP: First, You must have an approved Vehicle Security Professional Credential (See HOW TO:Add Vehicle Security Professional Credential in the News and FAQ section of this site)

All other brands on the Automaker info page use some form of the AASRA SDRM Security process to request or perform security related services except those that have the NPB banner on their logo. You can learn about these brands security process by clicking their brand page and using the links to visit their website.

Many brands do not utilize key or radio codes so be sure to read the service procedure prior to requesting information.
Pricing for security information can be found on each brand’s page. If there is no price they do not utilize a code in their security process or key making. Review service information for more information

Note: Subaru sells codes on their website but does use the AASRA VSP credential to validate the requester AASRA’s Subaru page can be accessed by clicking this link: brand page.

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