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DELAYED J2534 User Manual – HYUNDAI J2534_ENG



Service Information Access Fee

A$75+ (5 days)

Security Information Access Fee (Please note that Genesis charges for each code. If you purchase both the fee will be $76+ service charge and GST)

Key Code
A$38 + service charge and GST
Immobilizer/Pin Code
A$38 + service charge and GST

Diagnostic Hardware - AUD

GDS M Light Kit (G0XDDMN066)
GDS M Basic Kit (G0XDDMN064)

Diagnostic Software - GDS M - J2534 DELAYED RELEASE

A$18.50+ - DAY (same as Service Information fee)
A$75+ - WEEK (same as Service Information fee)
A$200+ - MONTH (same as Service Information fee)
A$2000+ - YEAR (same as Service Information fee)
A$2500+ YEAR TWO Update Fee (UPDATEFEE001) - server & maintenance