AASRA’s core function is to support the day-to-day operation of the Scheme and to facilitate the process for Australian repairers and registered training organisations (RTO’s) who are required to meet specified criteria within the Scheme Rules, to access safety and security information. For more information click here


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You will also find detailed directions on how to register in the various posts. To expedite your registration please read these first as the support desk is currently managing over 600 active applications and it can take some time to respond until we catch up with demand.

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Access Repair Information

In support and compliance with the new Australian information sharing law all Dealer and Independent technicians and Registered Training Organization employees who need access to information for hybrid and EVs, Hydrogen powered vehicles and assisted initialisation and reprogramming (AIR) must provide proper documentation to meet the legal requirements for a Fit and Proper Person. AASRA members have access to direct links to all participating automaker service information websites (VSP available 2023).

Access to OE Scan Tools

In the current world chip shortage, scan tool availability is expected to be a challenge well into 2022. To facilitate access to services that require these tools AASRA is supporting the Assisted Initialisation and Reprogramming whereby a technician can request a remote or in person session with an AASRA vetted and approved provider to complete repairs. Please watch the automaker brand page within this site for updates to scan tool availability. The home page for automaker information is here

Vehicle Security Professional Registry

UPDATED: AASRA is accepting applications for Vehicle Security Professional Credentials as part of the Secure Data Release model. Registry credentials allow repair professionals and locksmiths access to vehicle key and immobiliser codes. Automakers will be delivering security data through AASRA using the Assisted Initialisation and Reprogramming function of SDRM, Go to that page by clicking Assisted Initialisation and Reprogramming this process will be very manual for several months as we work through enabling features originally planned for 2023.


AASRA has 3 different levels of subscriptions
Technician – Enables access to automaker websites, ability to submit an AIR request and to request assistance with problems. The annual cost to register as a technician is A$90 +GST

EV and Hydrogen Certified – These are an add-ons that enable access to High Voltage vehicle service information and, as they come to market, Hydrogen vehicles. The fee is a one time A$50 per certificate to validate your certifications

Vehicle Security Professional – This enables you to access vehicle security codes that are unique to a vehicle. There are also some brands that validate certain security related scan tool routines using the Vehicle Security Professional ID. The annual cost for this credential which requires additional vetting and documentation is A$210/

Welcome to The Australian Automotive Service and Repair Authority. AASRA’s mission as the Repair Data Sharing Scheme Manager is to provide validated access to OE resources to Independent Technicians and Registered Training Organizations (RTOs). AASRA functions as the conduit between automakers and independent repairers providing support services and dispute resolution as needed.

If you are interested in supporting and assisting with AASRA through a committee please send an email to info@aasra.com.au and indicate your area of interest.